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Grasping the Bird's Tail
Grasping the Bird's Tail
A House Divided
A House Divided
Ground London
Ground London
The Riviera
The Riviera


Killing Me

Crossed and Forgotten

Sandor's Kitchen



The 10th annual OpenLens Festival is a celebration of the independent spirit in Oregon filmmaking and is known for its emphasis on short films of 15 minutes, or less, produced in a variety of genre. The single day festival event, hosted by the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts (DIVA), took place on Saturday, February 1, 2014. The day included an informative afternoon film seminar, an early evening meet and greet session with the festival’s filmmaker participants, and the festival’s screening, awards, and reception event featured this year’s juried selection of short films. (Click2See Poster)


L-R Steve Poizat-Newcomb (Festival Director) , David Kirk West (Honorable mention:
"Liberation") , Henry Weintraub (Best of show: "Killing Me"), Kit Becker, and Charlie Harrington (Audience choice winners: "Crossed and Forgotten")


Festival Events: Saturday, February 1, 2014

1:00 PM Seminar: The Five Best Movies Ever Made
Admission: $3.00
Location: UO Baker Center Auditorium 325 E. 10th Eugene.

Film reviewer Doug Hennessy will discuss what he considers to be the five best films ever made in an informative give and take with audience participants. Hennessy has been writing about movies in newspapers and magazines for the past 30 years. He's reviewed movies for the syndicated Knight-Ridder newspaper chain, The Philadelphia Weekly, and He was co-founder of the Philadelphia Film Forum, and Board Member of the Eugene International Film Festival, He currently writes about movies on his The Movie List Blogster site. Seating is on a first come, first seated bases.

4:00 PM Meet and Greet The Filmmakers
Location: First National Tap House 51 W. Broadway
Admission: Free. (Appetizers and No Host Bar)

The public is invited to meet and greet this year's festival filmmakers in the informal and relaxing setting of First National Tap House in downtown Eugene. Many of the Festival’s entrants will be visiting Eugene from various corners of the state and this is an opportunity to welcome them to our community.

7:30 PM OpenLens 10th Annual Festival Screenings, Awards, and Reception
Location: The UO Baker Center 325 E. 10th Street (Free parking behind building)
Admission: $8

Come celebrate the screening of a juried program of short films by Oregon filmmakers. This event shines the spotlight on the diversity of film genre explored by emerging and established film artists in our state. The screening is followed by a public reception and awards ceremony in which the Jury Best Of Show ($500), Jury Honorable Mention ($250), and Audience and Choice Award ($100) are made.


Crossed and Forgotten by Kit Becker and Charlie Harrington (Eugene). A short experimental narrative featuring Portland’s historic Broadway Bridge.

Refuge by Robin Canfield (Newberg). Vietnam vet Lloyd Thorne works to help hundreds of veterans in and around the Ocala National Forrest through the Veterans Organization of Resource and Recovery for the homeless (VORRH). 

Cryosphere by Kurtis, Hough (Portland). A haunting and wailing cry to stop the melting of a glacier filmed on the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau Alaska, 2012.

The Riviera by Shawn Hoban (Eugene). A short film about the strange things that can happen in a late night laundromat.  Featuring "Zapp," a Eugene dance company.

Gunmen by Michael Shaun Maruska (Springfield).  Griffith Scripp (Ryan Olson) is a gunman for hire on his final job.  Unfortunately for him, in the assassin trade, nothing is what it seems and eventually everyone pays for their sins.

Ground London by Dustin Morrow (Portland). An experimental documentary that explores the British Capital at the intersection of urban, cultural, and psychogeographys employing a specific point-of-view less than three inches off the ground.

Triangles by Ben Popp (Portland). Animated film made up of using only triangles.  Audio is made from triangles as well. Shot on 16mm and hand processed.

Sándor’s Wild Kitchen - Oregon Cascades by Sándor Lau (Eugene). Adventurer Sándor Lau heads to the Oregon Cascades to hunt elusive porcini mushrooms and learn the secrets of making wild blackberry compote from food writer Jackie Varriano. 

After School Problems by Peter Smith (Eagle Creek). Pregnancy and drug use test a friendship in this "after school special" parody.

Grasping the Bird’s Tail by Patricia Somers (Ashland). Herb's Tai Chi class is different.  Students are guided toward their own goals by the gentle force of this unconventional teacher.

The Letter by D.L. Watson (Springfield). Pursued by the Mafia for falling for the Don's daughter, Eric writes a letter detailing secrets, which might provide his redemption and save the family from annihilation.

Liberation by David Kirk West (Medford). A thoughtful, action-packed thriller set in a dystopian near future.  It was written, shot, and edited by an amateur, volunteer crew for less than $800 in just 17 days. 

Killing Me by Henry Weintraub (Eugene). Aaron Schwartz has one big dream…to become famous.  He has figured a surefire way to get him there, becoming an infamous serial killer.  The one big problem is, he can't kill a fly. 

A House Divided by Rob Tobias (Eugene). A music video by Rob Tobias and The Northwest Express.  The song uses quotes by Abraham Lincoln and incorporates images of Lincoln during the Civil War Era, clips from the film "Birth of a Nation," and various protest movements.

Finder by Dan Koss (Eugene). "Geocaching" allows anyone with a GS to be a treasure hunter, but it also allows anyone to be hunted. 

Contact: Steve Newcomb, Festival Director,



Click2see the archive of OpenLens festival programs dating from 2004 plus recent award winning films celebrating the independent spirit of Oregon filmmaking.

DIVA 280 W. Broadway Eugene
Phone: 541-344-3482
Festival Director Steve Newcomb <>
Entry Deadline: December 6, 2013 Click2Read